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Niagara River Greenway visits Ken-ton School district

Right before school was in session for the 2021/2022 school year, the science teachers of Ken-Ton school district invited us to discuss how place based learning through youth stewardship can educate our youth on what a healthy water ecology system looks like and why it's important to maintain a biodiverse habitat. We recruited 7 environmental organizations to do a round robin of short presentations to all the teachers, explaining what their mission was and how they can help support the curriculum with resources, demonstrations, lectures, and field trips. A special thank you to Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper, Buffalo Sewer Authority, Eastern Monarch Butterfly Farm, Niagara Region Parks Interpretive Programs, Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve, WNY Land Conservancy and WNY Prism for sharing their knowledge and resources for the day.  We look forward to working closely with Ken-Ton as they develop their Youth Stewardship Program to benefit not only their students but the entire community!  

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