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Steps to apply for project funding:

1. Download and review the Niagara River Greenway Commission proposal instructions and application. 

For questions about the application contact:
Lisa Vitello at

2. Submit completed proposal to the Niagara River Greenway staff by the submission due date. The Greenway staff will review your proposal and provide comments to the Commission and you will be invited to present your proposal at the subsequent Commission meeting. Send completed proposal to:

Send a copy to:
Lisa Vitello
Administrative Director, Niagara River Greenway Commission 
PO box 1132, Niagara Falls NY 14303


3. If the Commission determines the project proposal to be consistent with the Greenway Plan, it will be approved at the Commission meeting with a consistency letter following the next day. The applicant must then present the proposal and the Commission letter at the next appropriate standing committee meeting. The following are links to the four standing committees:

4. The standing committee makes the funding decision.

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