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Project Proposals
The Niagara River Greenway Commission is responsible for carrying out the Niagara River Greenway Plan that will define the future of the Niagara River Corridor.  We do this by accepting, reviewing and awarding funds for proposed projects taking place in or around the Greenway Focus Area shown below.  The Greenway Commission reviews proposed projects brought forth to them on the basis of its operating principles, goals and criteria.  Project proposals are expected to provide sufficient documentation so that members of the Commission will be able to determine if the project is consistent with the Niagara River Greenway Plan.

Who is eligible?

Any municipality, municipal entity, state agency, public benefit corporation, public authority, not-for-profit, corporations, non-governmental organizations and members of the public with an interest in projects that will advance the vision of the Niagara River Greenway is eligible to submit a project proposal.

Projects within the Greenway Focus Area are elevated. Those outside of the focus area should work to establish strong linkages between the Greenway Focus Area and the surrounding area. 
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