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The Niagara River Greenway is a world-class corridor of places, parks and landscapes that celebrates and interprets our unique natural, cultural, and recreational resources.

It provides access to and connections between these important resources while giving rise to economic opportunities for the region. Below are some of its features and highlights:

  • It is a 36-mile long corridor that extends the length of the Niagara River in the counties of Niagara and Erie.

  • Encompassing an area of 237 square miles

  • Over 100 miles of shoreline as well as four major cities and several towns and villages

  • Features a world-renown waterfall and gorge, rivers, forests, wetlands and array of wildlife

  • Houses a wealth of museums, architectural treasures, industrial heritage sites, forts and battlefields

  • Encompasses the western terminus of the Erie Canal, a Presidential Inaugural site and numerous Underground Railroad venues

Greenway resources include passive and active recreation as well as cultural, educational and historical sites. The Greenway's parklands and trail networks provide easy access to the natural environment and abundant waterfront recreational opportunities.

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